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Roland VR-6HD Video and Audio Mixer with Streaming


Roland VR-6HD is an ultra-compact video mixer for live streaming, ideal for corporate meetings, business presentations, church services and other professional events. It combines video mixing with effects, audio mixing and LAN/USB streaming encoding in a single device. It offers 6 HDMI inputs, still image and video clip playback, layers and keyers, assignable video outputs and a professional digital audio mixer with 28 simultaneous channels. In addition, it has Bluetooth connectivity and multiple analogue and digital audio inputs. The VR-6HD simplifies professional-quality streaming production and allows a single operator to easily handle all tasks with minimal preparation.
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The Roland VR-6HD is an ultra-compact video mixer ready for live streaming. It comes packed with Roland's innovative AV technologies and represents the all-in-one solution for any professional livestreaming event. With advanced features and versatile connectivity in a super-portable format, the VR-6HD is ideal for corporate meetings, online business presentations, worship services and other professional streaming and video capture applications.
It brings together video mixing with effects, audio mixing and LAN/USB streaming encoding, eliminating the hassle of connecting multiple devices to achieve the same result. In addition, thanks to the intelligent interface, advanced automation tools, one-touch macro sequencing, PTZ camera control and other benefits, a single operator can easily handle all production tasks with minimal preparation.

Quality presentations made simple

The powerful video capabilities of the VR-6HD make professional-quality streaming productions easy. Connect multiple cameras and computers via HDMI for different views and incorporate robotic PTZ cameras to change angles at the touch of a button. Quickly assign and switch between sources, including live HDMI inputs, presentations, stills and video clips. You can also output custom signals for live and online viewers by assigning compositing layers to multiple buses.

Multiple HDMI inputs

The VR-6HD supports HDMI, so you can seamlessly combine six HDMI sources in Full-HD with a variety of frame rates and colour spaces, TV and cinema. Built-in scalers with EDID and HDPC support offer easy integration with multiple sources such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and legacy 4:3 devices.

Still image and video clip playback

Enhance events with built-in support for graphics and video playback. Activate still images during presenter changes, display graphics and use PNG files to create dynamic lower thirds. The built-in video player allows you to trigger video clips directly from the SDXC card, without the need to connect an external playback device.


Layers and Keyers

Video effects and graphics are essential to enhance the quality and appeal of productions. The VR-6HD's effects processor includes five compositing layers that can be assigned to the Program, Sub-Program and Aux outputs to dazzle audiences. With up to two Picture-in-Picture windows and a transparent PNG-compatible DSK layer and external key, you can cover any creative need. For example:

Layers 1-2 Start with mixable live background video layers.
Layers 3-4 Add two layers of Picture-in-Picture or chroma/luma effects.
Layer 5 Add a DSK that supports fill and keying inputs.


Assignable video outputs

The Roland VR-6HD gives you a video matrix with three HDMI outputs, a USB-C streaming output and an Ethernet output. Distribute signal to program displays, auxiliary monitors, multiview producer screens and online audiences all at once, with a clean output free to record the presentation to an SDXC card.

Professional digital audio mixer

The VR-6HD offers exceptional audio quality with 28 simultaneous channels and Roland's renowned sound mixing features. All channels include full EQ and dynamics processing, plus convenient preset libraries for instant professional results. Powerful troubleshooting tools are available, including audio sync alignment, sibilance reduction, noise suppression and more. You can also play back stored audio during streams with quick taps on the panel.

Multi-channel and Bluetooth audio inputs

The Roland VR-6HD offers professional analogue audio connectivity with six balanced XLR/TRS combo jacks, high-quality mic preamps and phantom power. Stereo RCA inputs are included for audio players, electronic instruments and other line devices, and you can mix embedded digital audio from sources connected to the HDMI and USB inputs. And with built-in Bluetooth, streaming audio from any mobile device couldn't be easier.

Powerful mixing tools

Set direct control for your most important audio signals with seven assignable faders. And when you need to work with multiple presenters, activate Auto Mixing to let loose ballast and make sure the mix between microphones stays well balanced. You can set it to give priority to certain inputs, so that other levels automatically drop when the presenter is speaking.

A mix for every audience

The two auxiliary audio busses on the Roland VR-6 allow you to set up unique mixes for different applications. For example, you can send a signal to a monitor system for presenters, and output a special mix independent of the programme used for live attendees. Versatile routing allows you to freely assign the mix and auxiliary buses to the two stereo XLR outputs, the stereo RCA output, the streaming/recording and USB outputs, or the HDMI outputs.

Shape your sound

The VR-6HD combines all the power of the latest digital audio consoles with full Roland effects. Four-band EQ and dynamics processing is included for each input and output, and there's high-quality reverb for music applications and special effects. You also get specialised tools to solve audio problems quickly, such as automatic antifeedback for stage mics and adaptive noise reduction to suppress hum and background noise.

Audio on demand

VR-6HD's unique Audio Player section and six assignable pads allow you to easily enhance events with custom sounds. With a quick press, you can trigger sound effects, event announcements, e-sports countdowns or presenter tunes. Anything you can imagine.

Integrated recording and streaming over Ethernet/USB

The advanced technology of the VR-6HD offers flawless and easy livestreaming on the most popular platforms. With direct Ethernet streaming, USB PC streaming and Adaptive Bitrate support, you can deliver high-quality presentations to any audience. And simultaneous SDXC recording allows you to easily record presentations for later archiving and distribution.

Secure and reliable LAN streaming

The powerful LAN streaming features of the VR-6HD allow you to connect directly to Twitch, Facebook and other platforms without using a PC. The unique Adaptive Bitrate feature monitors the quality of your network connection and automatically adjusts the streaming rate to reduce interruptions due to bandwidth issues. And you also get adjustable Safety Delay, which allows you to smoothly stream unscripted events and avoid broadcasting offensive content.

Dual Destination LAN Streaming

With the VR-6HD you can reach a wider audience by streaming to two different livestreaming channels at the same time. You can also use a mobile phone with a 4G or 5G data plan as a primary or redundant backup streaming connection.

Streaming over USB-C at up to 60 FPS

Broadcast to any audience in Full HD via a computer over USB. The USB-C connection offers the same plug-and-play technology as webcams,* so you can start streaming immediately with Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any platform that can use a webcam as a source.

* Compliant with USB video (UVC) and USB audio (UAC). Compatible with YUY2 (uncompressed) and Motion JPEG (compressed) formats.

SDXC card recording

The built-in recorder allows you to easily record an event to an SDXC card and provide the customer with an H.264 MP4 video file for their editing and distribution needs. In addition, stereo WAV audio can be recorded independently for podcasts and other audio content. Still images can even be captured to the internal memory from any video output bus and saved to the card for later use.
* The recording bit rate is the same as the encoding bit rate of the live broadcast.

Take complete control of your productions

Thanks to its perfectly organised panel and intuitive workflow, even the most inexperienced operators will feel comfortable using the VR-6HD. Physical dials, faders and buttons offer direct control of essential functions, while the 4.3-inch touchscreen provides fluid access to more advanced parameters and settings. Scene memory, macro and sequencing features further simplify operation, allowing complicated operations to be pre-programmed and executed with simple actions.

Quick activation of complex compositions

Custom presets can be stored and activated at the touch of a few buttons. 32 preset memories and an advanced effects processor combine to provide seamless switching, and even synchronise the transition of all composition layers with the program's output. The 100 macros go even further and allow you to create and execute complex action lists, including switching, DSK on/off, audio mix settings, PTZ camera movements and much more.

PTZ Camera support

Robotic PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras eliminate the need for multiple operators, provide better production coverage at studio broadcast quality and can be placed in unobtrusive locations due to their small size. The VR-6HD supports a selection of PTZ per LAN models from Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, PTZOptics, Avonic and VISCA as standard. Combine different brands as desired and operate up to six PTZ cameras simultaneously.

Advanced remote control options

The VR-6HD supports extended workflows with specific apps and a variety of remote devices.

  • The free VR-6HD Remote app for iPad connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to operate functions wirelessly at events via a portable touch interface.
  • Use the free VR-6HD Remote Control Software to operate the switcher from a Mac or Windows computer.
  • Connect footswitches or expression pedals to execute over 100 different switcher commands.
  • Start and stop Atomos recorders via HDMI.
  • Mount a tally system with Roland Smart Tally or the rear panel hardware connector.
  • Integrates seamlessly into system installations with TALLY/GPIO RS-232 and DB-sub connectors.
    * Available in Q4 2023.

Data sheet

Video Inputs
IP Video
Max. Video Resolution
625i / 525i - SD
1280x720 - HD
1920x1080 - HD
Max. VESA Resolution
800x600 - SVGA
1024x768 XGA
1280x1024 - SXGA
1366x768 - WXGA
1400x1050 - SXGA+
1600x1200 - UXGA
1920x1200 - WUXGA
Entradas Audio
No Balanceado
Recording Media
Tarjeta SD
Codec / Ficheros

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