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Cinema Camera 6K, Blackmagic Design adds a FULL FRAME 6K cinema camera more complete than the Pocket Cinema versions. The 6K features full CFexpress recording capabilities, FULL FRAME 35mm CMOS sensor, 13-step dynamic range and a 5" HDR capacitive touchscreen with 1500cd/m² brightness, EVF Pro option, mini-XLR inputs, precise timecode generator, NP-F570 battery slot and updated Gen5 color science.

Weighing in at 1.135kg it is a lightweight cinema camera that records up to 36fps 6048x4032 6K video and mounts on this new cinema camera a state-of-the-art L-mount, allowing users to take advantage of the wide range of L-mount lenses available (manufacturers such as: Leica, Panasonic and Sigma). The 20mm recording distance means that adapters for various mounts can be added for an even wider range of lenses.


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The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K model is a high-end digital cinema version for accurate skin tones and vivid natural colors. This camera offers a 24x36 mm Full Frame 6K CMOS sensor with a wide dynamic range of 13 stops like the Pocket Cinema Camera. Also this professional cinema camera can record in vertical aspect ratio so it is possible to create cinematic content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and other platforms. You can simply rotate the camera to capture in vertical aspect ratio, for example, 9:16 and 4:5.
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is aimed at individuals or production companies who want to incorporate the professional tools needed to shoot feature films, TV shows and documentaries into their workflow. As well as social media content in vertical aspect ratios. This camera offers the same features as the most expensive digital cinema cameras, facilitating the capture of more intense colors, a higher level of detail and a wider dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas.
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a Full Frame sensor and an L-mount with a diameter of 51.6 mm, compatible with the most innovative lenses from manufacturers such as Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. Likewise, it offers a recording distance of only 20 mm, which makes it easy to add adapters for various mounts without affecting image quality. This feature opens up the possibility of using high-speed lens models to obtain sharp, well-defined images in a single shot and then interchangeable with classic photographic lenses to give a different look to the output. The camera is also compatible with capturing through anamorphic lenses since, thanks to the large sensor size, it is possible to work with a 6:5 aspect ratio in anamorphic format without cropping the image.
It has a tiltable 5" HDR LCD screen with a brightness of 1500nits, ideal for shooting in broad daylight. In addition, it has two mini XLR audio inputs, an HDMI video output up to 60fps in 1080p and also has a USB-C expansion port that can be used to record to external disks (SSD) or add for example an ethernet adapter if you want to control the camera over a network using secure REST tools. You can even copy files from the camera over the network.
Regarding power, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has a 12V power port and there is also the possibility of powering the camera with a larger capacity NP-F570 battery.

Multi-function grip with convenient controls

The multi-function grip features an ergonomic design, which simplifies access to essential features such as ISO sensitivity, white balance and shutter. There is even a small scroll wheel under the index finger for quick aperture adjustments. It has other, non-traditional controls on a DSLR unit, which means there's no need to spend time searching for menu options on a small screen.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has buttons for recording and shooting, organized in a familiar way, so they are easy to access. It also includes programmable controls and knobs for high frame rates, focus, false color and more. 

Large Digital Cinema Sensors

This 6K cinema camera features a 6048 x 4032 FULL FRAME sensor, almost three times larger than a Super35 sensor. Whether shooting in broad daylight or near-darkness, the 13-stop dynamic range and maximum dual native ISO of 25600 enable outstanding images to be captured with very low noise in a variety of lighting conditions. In addition, the Full Frame sensor of this model facilitates shooting at up to 36 f/s at maximum resolution or 120 f/s by reducing the usable area of the sensor and, in combination with Blackmagic colorimetry, offers the same technology as other more expensive film cameras.

Format Flexibility

The sensor in the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K model offers the ability to work in a wide range of film formats with different aspect ratios without sacrificing quality. By taking full advantage of the sensor size, you get a recorded image that captures the entire frame in a 3:2 aspect ratio, allowing you to reframe shots during post-production. Thanks to the size of the sensor, it is possible to work with an aspect ratio of 6:5 in anamorphic format without cropping the image, which provides more detail in this type of shot and a resolution that was not possible before. In addition, it is possible to use the dimensions of the Super 35 sensor to create close-ups of shots that are compatible with the material captured on the Full Frame sensor and achieve outstanding cinematic content in exceptional quality.

Compatibility with photographic and cinema lenses

This film camera has an advanced L-mount that is designed for full-frame sensors and supports both classic and modern lenses so that any lens can be used on productions depending on the look you want to give it. This mount features a 51.6 mm diameter, compatible with the most innovative lenses from manufacturers such as Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. Offering a recording distance of only 20 mm, it is easy to add adapters for various mounts without affecting image quality. This mount is extremely versatile and offers the opportunity to work with virtually any type of lens and explore creativity.

High dynamic range images

The difference between the lightest and darkest parts of an image is called "dynamic range" and is measured in steps. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has a dynamic range of 13 steps, which means that it preserves more detail in the highlights and shadows of an image than ordinary camcorders. This gives the ability to set the exposure for an indoor scene, for example a cafe, and still perfectly capture what you see through the window, so the amount of information captured in the shot is greater. In addition, more colors are obtained than with the standard DCI-P3 space used in cinema. In addition, the camera includes DaVinci Resolve Studio, which offers absolute freedom in terms of creativity, with controls for adjusting exposure and recovering details during the color grading stage.

Native Dual ISO

In digital film formats, the ISO value measures the sensor's sensitivity to light. That is, the higher the ISO number, the higher the sensitivity. Therefore, it is possible to shoot in natural light, even at night without the need for external lighting. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a maximum native dual ISO value of 25600, which means it has been optimized to minimize graininess or noise in images while preserving the full dynamic range of the sensor. The 400 setting is ideal for scenes shot in a studio, while the secondary setting of 3200 is recommended when shooting in low-light conditions. The gain is automatically set when adjusting the ISO setting on the camera, making it easy to capture exceptional images when there is no time to adjust the lighting.

Post-production formats

This model records in Blackmagic RAW format, which allows you to preserve detail and control exposure and color during post-production. In addition, proxy files are generated in H.264 format and HD resolution for instant sharing. The Blackmagic RAW format has been optimized for multi-core CPUs running multiple processes simultaneously, gaining GPU speed for compatibility with platforms such as Metal, CUDA and OpenCL. This ensures unprecedented resolution and quality for color adjustments, overlays, compositing, resizing, stabilization and tracking in HD, 4K and 6K. Files can be opened on any operating system, and recording media is formatted using HFS+ (Mac) or ExFAT (Windows).  

Card storage

This Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K model features a CFexpress card slot, as well as a USB-C expansion port for recording directly to external SSD drives.  This type of media (CFexpress) is ideal for recording 12-bit Blackmagic RAW files in high resolution. So it is possible to shoot for over an hour in 6K resolution with a single 256 GB CFexpress card. The media can be inserted into any computer for immediate editing using the included DaVinci Resolve Studio software.

Fifth generation colorimetry

Using the same fifth-generation colorimetry as the URSA Mini Pro 12K model, this new Blackmagic model delivers higher image quality, with incredibly accurate skin tones and true colors in every shot. It includes an innovative 12-bit dynamic tonal response curve, designed to capture more information in the light and dark areas of the image. It is also responsible for performing complex processing of Blackmagic RAW images, so that the color and dynamic range information captured by the sensor is preserved in the metadata for use in post-production. This means you get a natural, cinematic look when you make color adjustments with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Resolutions and frame rates

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K can record at all common resolutions and frame rates and even shoot 24.6 megapixel stills. It also supports frame rates up to 36 f/s at 6048 x 4032 in full sensor mode or 60 f/s at 6048 x 2520 (2.4:1) and 60 f/s at 4096 x 2160 in DCI 4K format. Using higher values provides the opportunity to reduce the usable sensor area and shoot at 100 f/s at 2112 x 1184 (Super 16), or even in 6:5 anamorphic format at much higher resolutions than offered by other cameras, using compatible lenses in 4.8K resolution (4838 x 4032) at 24 f/s. It can also record at 120 f/s in HD 1080 definition. 

Polycarbonate and carbon fiber design

This camera features a sleek design with the same features of high-end digital cinema cameras in a compact, portable and versatile size based on the classic Pocket Cinema Camera unit. The body is made from a composite of polycarbonate and carbon fiber. The sensor structure reduces thermal noise for sharper shadows and higher sensitivity, while the 5" LCD screen enables ideal focusing in 6K resolution. The camera also includes a removable battery compartment cover, four shockproof microphones, a heavy-duty mount and a built-in speaker.

Vertical format recording

Due to the boom of social networks such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram and others, BlackMagic Design has developed for its Pocket Cinema Camera range the possibility of recording with vertical aspect ratios (e.g. 9:16 and 4:5) in cinematic quality.
Since the screen image rotates, the most important information can be displayed: frame rate, shutter angle and framing guides even when the camera is in portrait. You will be able to change these guides to ensure that essential elements of the frame are captured, depending on the selected aspect ratio.
All clips imported into DaVinci Resolve will automatically be labeled as vertical so editing will be more efficient as they appear correctly in the timeline. Once your project is complete, you can easily upload your footage directly to YouTube and TikTok.

Includes activation key for DaVinci Resolve Studio.


Data sheet

Max. Video Resolution
6144x3456 - 6K
Recording Media
CFexpress Cards
Codec / Ficheros
Blackmagic RAW
Montura de cámara
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