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The Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K is a compact desktop or rackmount 4K Streaming device that allows you to connect any SDI signal and stream it live to the Internet, via Ethernet or via USB to a smartphone with a 5G or 4G connection. It has SDI and HDMI monitor outputs to display status information along with the stream. It is possible to view status information on the front LCD display and has an SDI loop output to monitor the original source.

The USB-C port allows USB video sources such as webcam or computer to be connected. It is capable of streaming 4K video and audio to any webcam-compatible platform and software, such as Skype, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope and Teams, among others, on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS systems. It supports H.264 codec, streams via RTMP and can stream in resolutions up to UHD 4K. Dual redundant AC/DC power input.

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The Blackmagic Web Presenter is a professional H.264 Streaming device with up to 12G-SDI input, allowing live broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms via Ethernet network. It includes USB ports that allow it to be detected as if it were a webcam, which provides the possibility of connecting it to a computer and transmitting via programs or even applications such as Skype or Zoom. Alternatively, it is also possible to do it through a 4G or 5G smartphone. This equipment also has an output that allows monitoring of images, audio volume and even technical data of the signal through various graphs.

High-quality Streaming on YouTube, Facebook and more

The Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K streaming encoder is compatible with the most popular streaming platforms and is designed to broadcast live in professional quality, without dropped frames. To do this, simply connect it to the Internet. Setup is simple, as the utility program allows you to select the platform and update the streaming key. This encoder works on Mac and Windows computers by connecting the device via a USB port or Ethernet network. It is even possible to modify the XML file to change specific settings or add new platforms.

Easy Streaming

The Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K encoder is a standalone solution that includes a powerful encoder, software that supports multiple streaming platforms, and connections for different types of networks. This avoids the need to purchase expensive equipment or use complicated applications. Simply connect any SDI source to the unit, such as a mixer or video camera, and then access the Internet via the integrated Ethernet port. Cell phones can also be used for this purpose. The device has been configured to be compatible with the most popular platforms, so that only the transmission key needs to be entered to start streaming live. In addition, the USB output provides the opportunity to connect the unit to a computer and detect it as a webcam, so that other programs can be used to broadcast over the Internet.

Connection to 4G or 5G phones

When transmitting from a location where wired or WiFi Internet does not reach, or if Ethernet network backup is required, an Apple or Android cell phone can be used to connect to the Internet. For this purpose, the device includes USB ports on the front and back, and is also compatible with 4G and 5G models. When the phone is connected via USB, Web Presenter 4K will automatically detect it and use it to access the Internet. It is also possible to choose which of the connections takes priority. In this way, the device offers an ideal solution for broadcasting from remote sites.

Professional 4K streaming

The Web Presenter 4K streamer has two USB ports, which allow it to be detected as a webcam when connected to a computer for live streaming using any software intended for this purpose. It is possible to transmit SDI sources in definition up to UHD (2160), to show clients live filming, for example, using applications such as Skype or Zoom. In this way, the device is compatible with programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Open Broadcaster and XSplit Broadcaster, among others.

Built-in technical monitoring

Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K includes an output that provides the ability to view images, audio level indicators, with accurate ballistics, and graphs showing streaming data rate and cache usage, as well as a summary of settings and technical information related to the SDI signal. In addition, this output supports SDI and HDMI monitors with HD 1080 resolution, providing the opportunity to use SDI routers to monitor multiple units or connect HDMI TVs.

Blackmagic Management Software

The device management program allows multiple units to be controlled, updated and their settings to be changed. Simply connect a computer to the front USB port or use an Ethernet network to change settings remotely, which is essential when the units are located far away. The familiar menus and controls make it easy to set up the device during live events and start broadcasting immediately. The front panel display also provides access to various settings, and it is possible to add services for ATEM Streaming Bridge converters. The Web Presenter 4K management software is included free of charge and is compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

12G-SDI Technology compatible with HD 720/1080 and UHD

The Blackmagic Web Presenter includes an SDI input up to 12G, which supports all types of SDI signals with a maximum resolution of 2160p60. The loop-through output allows for multiple units to be connected in series for the purpose of streaming across multiple platforms. Moreover, thanks to Teranex technology, the images retain an amazing sharpness. The HD or UHD source is automatically converted into a high-quality 2160p60 UHD signal, which is processed by the H.264 encoder for further transmission. In this way, all types of sources can be broadcast.

Streaming and power redundancy

Professional equipment has backup features for greater reliability. In this sense, the Web Presenter 4K allows to guarantee the continuity of the transmission by accessing the Internet through Ethernet or mobile 4G and 5G networks. In the event of an interruption in one of the connections, the unit will automatically start using the other. It is also possible to use two units to stream simultaneously to the primary and secondary YouTube server. The AC and DC inputs, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to use batteries for an alternative power source. The device includes buttons to access the various menus and a management program for easy control.

ATEM Streaming Bridge support

While Web Presenter supports a wide variety of streaming services, it can also be used to link studios via a private SDI link. The ATEM Streaming Bridge converter allows you to receive H.264 images from ATEM Mini Pro switchers and output SDI or HDMI signals for transmission to multiple locations over an Ethernet network or anywhere in the world via the Internet. This is possible thanks to the integrated H.264 encoder. The combination of the two devices provides the opportunity to connect multiple destinations together.

Desktop and Rack design

The design of the Web Presenter is similar to that of the Teranex Mini line of converters, so it can be placed in both a desktop or a rack. In addition, it includes an AC power supply and a 12V, 4p XLR DC connection, which allows the use of batteries or additional power supplies. Moreover, with a width of only 14 centimeters, it is possible to install three units side by side in a rack tray, which is ideal when it is necessary to transmit across multiple platforms simultaneously, or combine the device with different products, such as ATEM Television Studio HD mixers, to have a complete solution. In addition, the front panel USB port makes it easy to connect to computers for quick local changes.


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Video Inputs
Supported Resolutions
1280x720 - HD
1920x1080 - HD
3840x2160 - UHD
Entradas Audio
Salidas Audio
Data and Control
Codec / Ficheros
Rack Units
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