NDI CORE 32 - 32x32 NDI Matrix all-in-one-turnkey solution


Kiloview NDI CORE 32 is an NDI all-in-one turnkey solution with the capacity of virtualising NDI sources, allowing same signal to be sent to multiple NDI output channels. This sums up with many other integrated functions, such as video source switching and NDI sources playlists, with the ability to dynamically adjust the order, duration or loop function on each source, and other high standard functions.
The NDI CORE 32 is compatible with NDI and NDI|HX sources up to 4Kp60 from third-party software or hardware. Up to 32 inputs and outputs, NDI CORE will output same input format: if it receives NDI|HX, the virtual output will also be NDI|HX; if the video source is NDI, Kiloview's NDI CORE will output a Full NDI signal.
It includes two redundant power supplies and two 10 Gb optical ports, appart from a 2.5 Gb Ethernet port, to ensure a robust connection.
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The Kiloview NDI CORE series solves one of the main problems of NDI encoding: the NDI signal cannot be pulled by several back-ends at the same time. To solve this, the video source is virtualised allowing the same signal to be sent to multiple NDI output channels. In addition to this, there are other integrated functions such as video source switching and NDI source playlists in which users can choose the source to be sent to the programme, dynamically adjust the order, duration or loop function on each source, etc.

The NDI CORE MAX 64 is compatible with NDI and NDI|HX input sources from third-party software or hardware, as well as from Kiloview solutions. With support up to 64 NDI input and output sources, NDI CORE will send the signal to the output in the same input format: if it receives NDI|HX, the virtual output will also be NDI|HX. If the video source is NDI, Kiloview NDI CORE will send a Full NDI signal to the output.

The device includes two mandatory redundant power supplies that support hot swapping. When the device remains with a single power supply it will emit a signal to warn that it is not receiving backup power. It also incorporates two 40Gb fibre ports and 2 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure a robust connection. Due to compatibility, it is recommended that the optical module mounted in the device and the switch be of the same class and brand. If the actual transmission distance is less than 500 metres, a multimode optical module can be used. When the transmission distance is more than 500 metres, it is recommended to choose a single-mode optical module.


Kiloview NDI CORE en AVACAB 

NDI CORE: Control, Organize, Route and Everything

NDI CORE is Kiloview's original software that brings together a multitude of NDI functions:
  • Control: NDI CORE allows IP Video professionals to group and manage all NDI signals on the network.
  • Organise: With NDI CORE it is easy to organise all your NDI sources, whether you want to switch between signals, decode them, monitor them or record them.
  • Route:  Kiloview's NDI CORE is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint NDI matrix.
  • Everything: This software is the key to simplifying NDI flow by implementing it on your own server or through an all-in-one hardware solution such as NDI CORE 32.

Two types of panels. Seamless experience is a click away

NDI CORE Kiloview automatically detects any new NDI source once connected, and allows the management of all of them through two different panels: Crosspoint Panel and IO Panel: Enjoy a seamless real-time switching experience with no delays.

CORE MAX 64 en Avacab

Free yourself from server deployment

NDI CORE Basic and NDI CORE Pro are the NDI CORE software versions, while NDI CORE 32 is the basic NDI CORE hardware version, a turnkey solution that frees users to implement their own server and ensures software and hardware compatibility, offering the professional user a greater guarantee of quality and VIP after-sales support included.

Kiloview's NDI CORE 32 is hardware designed to adapt to the needs of each user. If 32x32 is not the solution you are looking for, Kiloview can adjust the characteristics of this device to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stable, Secure, Structured

  • All-in-one turnkey solution
  • All the benefits of NDI CORE PRO software
  • Redundant power supply
  • Water-cooled radiator and four fans for superior performance
  • VIP after-sales support
  • Up to 4Kp60 input and output resolution
  • Compatible with all NDI and NDI|HX, proprietary and third party versions
  • PTZ and Tally control

Data sheet

Video Inputs
IP Video
IP Video
Max. Video Resolution
1920x1080 - HD
3840x2160 - UHD
Entradas Audio
Salidas Audio
Data and Control
Seamless / CleanSwitch
Authorized Distributor

TypesCustomized 32 version
Free TrialNo
Max NDI InputKiloview/NewTek/Others32 (In this deployment. Otherwise please contact)
Max NDI Output32 (In this deployment. Otherwise please contact)
NDI Output ConnectionsUnlimited (Depends on bandwidth)
Number of Control PanelUnlimited
Max Input resolution4K P60
Max Output resolution4K P60
Input NDI VersionNDI/NDI|HX
Output NDI VersionSame as input
Switch PanelIO panel and Crosspoint
NDI Bridge SupportNo
RTMP/RTSP/SRT Input/OutputNo
Managed by Kiloview MultiviewNo
Voice IntercomNo
Server Redundant BackupNo
NDI Discovery Server SupportYes
NDI DecodingYes
Auto Switching by Poll listYes
NDI RelayYes
Seamless SwitchYes
Switching Delay1 Frame
Role ManagementYes
Log ManagementYes
Server RequirementOSLinux
(supported by windows, but not recommended)
Deployment environmentDocker
CPUIntel i7-11700K, 8-core 16-thread, 3.6G dominant frequency
RAM32G dual channel DDR4 3200MHz
NetworkIntel 82599 chip PCI-E 10 Gigabit SFP+ x2 Gigabit adaptive electrical port x1
ServiceRemote online guidance
Note: Basic and Pro are software version NDI CORE while the customized hardware version NDI CORE is a turnkey solution and it can free users from docker deployment,software and hardware compatibility test, battery compatibility test, and offers users a longer quality warranties and VIP after-sales service.

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