Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K - 12K digital cinema camera


Get 12K cinematographic style in your video recordings with the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K. This digital cinema camera features a 12288x6480 (12K) Super35 format sensor, new color science and up to 14 steps of dynamic range to produce detailed images. The URSA Mini Pro 12K records up to 80MP per frame in Blackmagic RAW and offers recording options including capture to 2 CFAST cards and USB Type-C output. Recording speeds include up to 60fps at full sensor 12K 17:9, up to 75fps at 12K 2.4:1, 120fps at 8K and up to 240fps at 4K Super16.

The URSA Mini Pro 12K features an interchangeable PL mount. Canon EF and Nikon F mounts are available separately.

The new Super35 sensor has been optimized to capture multiple resolutions. Capture 12K for smooth oversampling or use on-sensor scaling to capture 8K or 4K at speeds up to 120fps without cropping.



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The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K has arrived to shake up digital cinematography with its 12288x6480 pixel Super35 sensor and 14 steps of dynamic range. With 80 million pixels per frame, new colorimetry and the flexibility provided by the Blackmagic RAW codec, working in 12K resolution is now a feasible reality. The 12K oversampling process delivers the best 8K and 4K images, with subtle skin tones and extraordinary detail worthy of high-end cameras. Exceptional features include the ability to shoot at 60f/s in 12K, 120f/s in 8K and up to 240f/s in 4K (Super 16). It has an interchangeable PL film mount, built-in neutral density filters, two slots for recording to CFast and SD UHS-II cards, and a USB-C SuperSpeed expansion port. Includes DaVinci Resolve Studio for creative control during all phases of post production, editing and color grading.

Unmatched resolution in a digital cinema camera

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K delivers resolution that far exceeds traditional film industry standards, offering the advantages of shooting on tape, with incredible detail, wide dynamic range, and vivid, rich colors. This digital film camera is perfect for feature films, TV series and IMAX. It provides excellent object contour definition, making it ideal for working with green backgrounds and chroma key effects, including live compositing and virtual sets. Thanks to the 12K oversampling process, it not only achieves improved definition and color in 8K resolution, but also a more homogeneous look, because edge attenuation is imperceptible. This new generation of digital cinema technology gives rise to a pure and subtle analog style, aiming for an optimized experience.

Super35 12K sensor with 80Mpx

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K camera sensor offers a native resolution of 12288x6480 and 80 Megapixels per frame. It provides 14 steps of dynamic range, a native ISO 800 and an equal amount of red, green and blue pixels, and has been optimized for images at different resolutions. Thus, it is possible to shoot in 12K at 60f/s or use the integrated resize function in 8K or 4K RAW, at a maximum of 120f/s, without the need to crop or change the field of view. Thanks to the camera's interchangeable mount (originally PL), you can choose from the widest range of classic and modern lenses to capture every single feature and detail with your favorite lenses.

Blackmagic RAW 12K Recording 

The URSA Mini Pro 12K sensor and Blackmagic RAW codec make it easy to work in 12-bit RAW format at 12K resolution. This state-of-the-art format is incredibly efficient, allowing you to shoot in that definition and edit the footage on a laptop, a feature that no other codec offers. The sensor's high resolution makes it possible to reframe shots in post-production, for 8K and 4K versions. It's like doing a multi-camera production with a single camera, and it's also ideal for both vertical and horizontal images.

Recording to CFast , UHS-II cards or USB-C disks

Using the Blackmagic RAW format you can record to two CFast or UHS-II cards simultaneously, for example in 12K or 8K, even at high frame rates. In addition, Blackmagic RAW saves camera and lens metadata, as well as white balance, digital clapperboard information and custom conversion tables, for the purpose of ensuring image consistency during on-set shooting and post-production.

Blackmagic fifth generation colorimetry

Blackmagic's fifth-generation colorimetry includes a cinematographic curve designed to use the maximum color data information from the URSA Mini Pro 12K sensor and provide enhanced color response for more attractive skin tones and optimized rendering of high-saturation colors, such as neon billboards and automobile rear lights in high-contrast scenes. In addition, Blackmagic RAW image processing preserves metadata related to color and dynamic range information captured by the sensor for use in post-production. This new technology is backward compatible with previous Blackmagic RAW files, so you can take advantage of the new film curve in previous work.

High resolution at high frame rates

This digital cinema camera captures 80 million pixels per frame at 60f/s in RAW format, meaning you can shoot perfect stills and record clips simultaneously, as well as shoot at up to 60f/s in 12K (17:9, 12288 x 6480). For higher frame rates, it is possible to set the camera to 8192 x 4320 at a maximum of 120f/s, or 8192 x 3408 up to 160f/s, and you can even reduce the sensor area to Super16 format to capture DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) images at 240 f/s.

Portable and lightweight design

The URSA Mini Pro offers all the necessary features in a lightweight, portable design. The frame is constructed from extremely strong magnesium alloy and the weight is balanced and uniformly distributed. Buttons, switches and rotary knobs are logically arranged, making them easy to find without taking your eyes off the display. In addition, the side display provides important information, and on the 4-inch touchscreen monitor, it is possible to replay shots and access setting menus. It includes 12G SDI input and output, a USB-C port, an XLR connection with 48V Phamton power, and input for timecode or reference signals. It is also compatible with the Blackmagic Shoulder Mount Kit, making it easy to switch between different shooting styles in seconds.


Data sheet

Video Inputs
Supported Resolutions
4096x2160 - 4K DCI
7680x4320 8K 16:9
8192x4320 8K DCI
11520x6480 12K 16:9
12288x6480 12K DCI
Data and Control
Recording Media
Tarjeta CFast
Tarjeta SD
Codec / Ficheros
Blackmagic RAW
Montura de cámara
Sensor Size
Super 35

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