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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 - 6K Cinema Camera - DaVinci Resolve Studio included

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 - 6K Cinema Camera


The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 is the latest compact Super35 camera to join the Blackmagic Design range. This cinema camera has the same 6K S35 sensor, recording capabilities, HDR dynamic range, interface ports and controls as the 6K Pro, but with reduced features to create a more affordable camera. Features inherited from the 6K Pro include the 5" tilting LCD touchscreen, EVF Pro and battery grip (options), dual mini-XLR audio inputs, an NP-F570 battery slot and updated Gen 5 colour science. By eliminating internal ND filters and reducing the brightness of the 6K Pro 1500cd/m² LCD screen, Blackmagic allows you to choose between two nearly identical models based on priorities.

Includes DaVinci Resolve Studio activation key, 30W power supply, NP-F570 battery, lens cap and strap.

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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design has the professional tools needed to shoot films, TV shows and documentaries, as well as create content for blogs and platforms such as YouTube. They offer the same features as more expensive digital cinema cameras, making it easier to capture richer colors, greater detail and a wider dynamic range between lighter and darker areas. 

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 model features a 6144x3456 Super 35 sensor and an EF mount that allows the use of larger photographic lenses to capture cinema-quality images with a narrow depth of field. This makes it possible to generate creatively blurred backgrounds and stunning bokeh effects. It includes advanced features such as 2-, 4- and 6-stop neutral density filters, tiltable HDR LCD screen. In addition, it has two mini XLR audio inputs and a larger capacity NP-F570 battery.

Multi-function hand grip with practical controls 

The multi-function grip features an ergonomic design, which simplifies access to essential features such as ISO sensitivity, white balance and shutter. There is even a small scroll wheel under the index finger for quick aperture adjustments. It features other controls, not traditional on a DSLR unit, which means there's no need to spend time searching for options in menus on a small screen.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models feature buttons for recording and photo shooting, organized in a familiar way, so they are easy to access. It also includes programmable controls and knobs for high frame rates, focus zoom, false color and more.

High resolution digital film sensors

The Pocket 6K G2 features a 6144x3456 resolution sensor. Regardless of whether shooting in broad daylight or near-darkness, the 13-step dynamic range and maximum dual native ISO value of 25600 enable outstanding images to be captured with very low noise in a variety of lighting conditions. In addition, the Super 35 sensor allows shooting with greater depth of field and anamorphic lenses. It offers the possibility of shooting at up to 60f/s at maximum resolution or 120f/s by reducing the usable area of the sensor. Blackmagic's extraordinary sensor and colorimetry offer the same technology as most expensive film cameras.

Compatibility with photographic and cinematographic lenses

It has an EF lens mount, so you can take advantage of lenses you already have from other cameras, such as DSLRs, URSA Mini Pro or even the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera. In addition, common photographic lenses can be used, providing more creative options and cinema-quality effects. The active mount also allows focus and aperture adjustment via physical or virtual buttons.

Built-in neutral density filters

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 includes top-quality neutral density and infrared filters that quickly reduce the amount of light entering the camera. These 2-, 4- and 6-step filters have been specifically designed in combination with the unit's colorimetry to provide additional latitude, even in adverse lighting conditions. In addition, they were created to filter out infrared and optical waves uniformly, eliminating their presence in the images.

The activation buttons are located on the back of the camera, within easy reach of the thumb, on the multi-function grip. It is even possible to see the corresponding customizable settings such as a number, a step reduction or a fraction on the display.

High Dynamic Range images

The difference between the lightest and darkest parts of an image is called "dynamic range" and is measured in steps. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 has a dynamic range of 13 stops, which means it preserves more detail in the highlights and shadows of an image than ordinary camcorders. This gives you the ability to set the exposure for an indoor scene, such as a café, and still perfectly capture what you see through the window. In addition, more colors are obtained than with the standard DCI-P3 space used in cinema. The camera also comes with DaVinci Resolve Studio, which gives you complete creative freedom, with controls for adjusting exposure and recovering details during color grading.

Native dual ISO

In digital film formats, the ISO value measures the sensitivity of the sensor to light. That is, the higher the ISO number, the higher the sensitivity. Therefore, it is possible to shoot in natural light, even at night. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models feature a maximum native dual ISO value of 25600, which means it has been optimized to minimize graininess or noise in images while preserving the full dynamic range of the sensor. The 400 setting is ideal for scenes shot in a studio, while the secondary setting of 3200 is recommended when shooting in low-light conditions. The gain is automatically set when adjusting the ISO setting on the camera, making it easy to capture exceptional images when there is no time to adjust the lighting.

Postproduction formats

All Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models generate open format files, so there's no conversion or transcoding required. They are compatible with all commercially available post-production software, so you can work with your favourite software or with the included DaVinci Resolve Studio software.

Also, these cameras allow you to record at a maximum resolution of 4K in 10-bit ProRes format or in all 6K formats in 12-bit Blackmagic RAW, Blackmagic RAW is the fastest growing RAW codec in the industry. Free development tools can also be used to add support for RAW in a variety of applications. In addition, files can be used on any operating system, and storage media and drives can be formatted in HFS+ (Mac) or ExFAT (Windows).

Card storage

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models feature CFast and SD UHS/II card slots, as well as a USB-C expansion port for recording directly to external drives. The former provide the opportunity to save high-definition footage, while the latter are more suitable for 4K or 6K material in Blackmagic RAW format. Thus, it is possible to shoot for more than an hour in 6K resolution with a single 256GB UHS-II card. In addition, these formats are compatible with all editing programs. The drives can be inserted into any computer for direct editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio, included with the camera.

Touch screen for quick setup

The large touch screen displays key information and also provides access to the various camera menus. The HUD display mode provides important data such as frame rate, aperture, timecode, shutter angle, white balance, ISO sensitivity and volume intensity. To view or hide these data, simply slide your finger up or down on the screen.

White balance or volume can be adjusted by pressing the corresponding indicators. Everything is interactive and camera settings can be changed quickly, without having to access confusing menus. In addition, the virtual clapperboard provides the ability to quickly add metadata to any shot.

Fifth generation colorimetry

Using the same fifth-generation colorimetry as the URSA Mini Pro 12K model, the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 version delivers higher image quality, with incredibly accurate skin tones and true colors in every shot. It includes an innovative 12-bit dynamic tonal response curve, designed to capture more information in the light and dark areas of the image. It is also responsible for performing complex processing of Blackmagic RAW images, so that the color and dynamic range information captured by the sensor is preserved in the metadata for use in post-production. This means you get a natural, cinematic look when you make color adjustments with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Vertical format recording

Due to the boom of social networks such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram and others, BlackMagic Design has developed for its Pocket Cinema Camera range the possibility of recording with vertical aspect ratios (e.g. 9:16 and 4:5) in cinematic quality.
Since the screen image rotates, the most important information can be displayed: frame rate, shutter angle and framing guides even when the camera is in portrait. You will be able to change these guides to ensure that essential elements of the frame are captured, depending on the selected aspect ratio.
All clips imported into DaVinci Resolve will automatically be labeled as vertical so editing will be more efficient as they appear correctly in the timeline. Once your project is complete, you can easily upload your footage directly to YouTube and TikTok.

Pocket Cinema Camera in studio configuration

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models can now be used as studio cameras for live production when connected to ATEM Mini mixers. Communication between the two devices is established via the HDMI connection. In addition, the light that indicates that the camera is recording turns into a pilot light when it is on-air. On the other hand, the camera control panel, in the ATEM Software Control program, offers an interface similar to a CCU unit, allowing the images of all units to be adjusted and unified. Simply move the corresponding control vertically to open or close the aperture, and horizontally for the pedestal level, just like on a camera control unit. It is even possible to record in Blackmagic RAW format in stand-alone mode for later file editing.
Includes activation key for DaVinci Resolve Studio.


Data sheet

Max. Video Resolution
6144x3456 - 6K
Recording Media
Tarjeta CFast
Tarjeta SD
Codec / Ficheros
Blackmagic RAW
Montura de cámara
Sensor Size
Super 35

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