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ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD - 1M/E 10 input HD Video Mixer

ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD - 1M/E 10 input HD Video Mixer


The Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD is an HD digital video mixer for live production. It features a 10-input mixer/effect bank. Each SDI input has a scaler that automatically converts between formats. It offers advanced features such as digital visual effects, chrominance compositors, media players and multiviewer output. Features Fairlight audio tools such as 6-band parametric EQ with compressor, limiter, noise gate and expander on each input.

It provides a mixing bank and 10 3G SDI inputs with format conversion, 6 3G SDI outputs, channels for digital visual effects, 4 compositors for chrominance overlays, 16-window multiviewer, media players, intercom and USB port that allows the device to be detected as a webcam.

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Blackmagic Design - Avacab distribuidor oficial Blackmagic Design - Todos los productos Blackmagic Design en Avacab
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The Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD is the most advanced live production HD video mixer on the market. It has a mixer/effect bank and 10 inputs, plus each SDI input has an associated scaler that automatically converts to a variety of formats. The ATEM Constellation offers a number of advanced features including digital visual effects, chroma keyers, media players and multiviewer. It also offers Fairlight audio tools, including a 6-band parametric equaliser with compressor, limiter, noise gate and expander on each input. In addition, these devices include the ATEM Software Control program free of charge, but you can also use any of the outstanding ATEM panels.

Amazing transmission capacity

The ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD features a compact modular design, with an integrated control panel that allows the device to be operated, which is essential during setup or in emergency situations. In addition, it has a large LCD display, which allows the main output to be viewed and various settings to be changed via menus. The compact design is ideal for live production at various locations, as the mixer has 3G SDI inputs, 3G SDI auxiliary outputs, and connections for balanced audio signals and Ethernet networking. Despite all these features, the ATEM Constellation mixer is extremely quiet, thanks to its innovative, highly efficient cooling system.

Exceptional features

The ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD features a mixing bank and 10 3G SDI inputs with format conversion, 6 3G SDI outputs, channels for digital visual effects, 4 compositors for chrominance overlays, simultaneous 16-window image display, media players, communication system and USB port that allows the device to be detected as a webcam.

Designed for large events

ATEM Contellation HD is ideal for concerts and music festivals, allowing cameras to be positioned at different points on stage for the best coverage. Even during live sporting events, the huge number of connections, together with channels for visual effects, make it easy to create multi-layered compositions to show every detail of the action. Live broadcasts are the fastest way to produce programmes. The mixers in this line have outstanding internal graphics and a number of advanced compositors for chrominance overlays, providing everything needed for complex productions. They are also ideal for broadcasting religious ceremonies, as they not only offer the possibility of professional results, but are also easy to use, making it simple to train volunteer operators.

Professional style with mixing and effects

The ATEM Constellation HD models offer the opportunity to view the programme and pre-show signal at the same time, in exactly the same way as Broadcast mixers. In addition, both the ATEM Software Control program and the optional hardware panels allow you to switch between the two signals. In other words, it is possible to select a preamp signal on the corresponding bus to verify that it is the correct one before broadcasting it to the air. This process reduces the chances of making mistakes.

Front panel control

The control panel offers the opportunity to operate the mixer with ease, at any time. The ATEM Constellation HD models have similar features to the ATEM Mini version, making them ideal for those who wish to use more advanced equipment. The knobs are of the same quality as those used on larger panels, making them extremely reliable. They even allow you to control compositors, media and fade-to-black from the front panel. There is also a 5-pin connection, which makes it easy to control the intercom system. In addition, all mixer features can be accessed via the menus on the front panel display.

10 3G SDI inputs with format conversion

The ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD has 10 independent 3G SDI inputs, all with format conversion to different resolutions. This means you can convert an incoming 1080 to any other format, or use each of the SDI connections in a different format at the same time.

6 configurable 3G SDI outputs

The ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD features 6 independent 3G SDI outputs. The 3G SDI outputs provide the ability to independently transmit any SDI signal, or internal source, to each of the SDI outputs, ideal for sending separate signals to on-set displays, recorders and processors for streaming over the internet. You can also use the SDI outputs to record each camera separately, and each recorder will receive a perfectly resynchronised signal from the mixer. In addition, all SDI outputs allow the integration of audio, as well as RP-188 timecode and signals for camera and Tally light control. They also facilitate communication with other crew members.

USB port for software

All ATEM Constellation HD mixers feature a USB-C port, which allows them to be recognised as a webcam, making it easy to stream content over the Internet. Simply connect any of these models to a computer, and you can start broadcasting live using any dedicated software. This makes it possible to transmit images in 1080p HD resolution via platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype, for professional-style presentations using multiple cameras. The USB port on these mixers also supports Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster and similar software.

Physical or virtual control panels

All Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers support a wide variety of control options and allow you to share panels between different models for different types of live events. The ATEM Constellation HD model includes full control software for Mac and Windows, which communicates with the ATEM via Ethernet or USB and gives you the ability to operate, upload files, mix audio and control the cameras. For more complex projects, we recommend connecting ATEM Camera Control Panel or ATEM Advanced Panel devices to operate the cameras with more precision or to switch between different signals, respectively. In addition, these devices feature development tools to create customised solutions.

Multiviewer with labels, displays and vumeters

The simultaneous display provided by the Multiviewer output allows multiple sources to be monitored on a single monitor. The 1 M/E model has a simultaneous display output. In addition, all external signals and internal sources can be assigned to any of the outputs. In addition, labels and vumeters can be superimposed on the image in each window and a red or green border can be displayed around the signal, indicating that it is on-air or corresponds to a preamp, respectively.

Transitions, visual effects and more

ATEM Constellation HD mixers include a wide range of professional-quality transitions, such as fades, fades and wipes, whose duration, position and direction can be adjusted, as well as their colour and border width. In addition, the unique digital visual effects processor allows the image to be pushed out of the screen, creating a new shot, as well as creating wipes with dynamic graphics. Moreover, to avoid mistakes, this range of devices offers the possibility to preview the transition to check it before broadcasting it on air.

Integrated visual effects

ATEM Constellation models include 1 channel of digital visual effects. This makes it possible to achieve stunning effects quality and to change the position and size of compositions in real time, as well as to create professional effects with simultaneous images (PIP), parallel shadows and adaptive 3D borders. Moreover, these effects can be used in animated transitions, which add dynamism to broadcasts. In addition, the mixer makes it easy to combine these transitions with graphical elements to create customised wipes. The two-bank and four-bank versions offer SuperSource processors, while the 1M/E does not.

Professional intercom system

The ATEM Constellation includes a communication system that facilitates coordination between different members of the production. This includes a 5-pin headphone connection on the front panel and an RJ12 connection on the rear for common systems such as ClearCom and RTS. It also has channels for communicating with engineers and other team members, and allows you to control the local effect to hear your own voice, as well as mixing the programme audio. You can also communicate with Blackmagic Design cameras on SDI channels 15 and 16, and with engineers on channels 13 and 14. You can even mix the communication audio with the programme audio for live commentary.

Internal images and graphics

The ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD can store high-quality animations and graphics in RGBA format for instant playback. Specifically, the media players function as additional sources on the ATEM Constellation HD model, so there is no need to use other SDI inputs. The integrated media panel stores graphics for later use in the players. The 1 M/E model can store 20 stills and 200 frame animations. ATEM Software Control, included with the mixer, makes it easy to organise media files, but it is also possible to import them directly from Photoshop, using the ATEM Photoshop plug-in.

New chrominance compositor

The ATEM Constellation HD is ideal for news bulletins or virtual sets, with four advanced compositors for luminance and chrominance overlays. The colour picker allows the background to be sampled for the purpose of automatically generating the mask parameters. In addition, controls for edges and reflections, as well as a colour corrector, are included for the foreground image so that its appearance matches that of the background, thus achieving a perfect composition. The compositor can also be used for masks with geometric shapes and digital visual effects, providing unparalleled versatility.

Extraordinary virtual scenery

Thanks to the four compositors for chrominance overlays in the mix and effects bank, it is possible to achieve extraordinary virtual scenery. In addition, one compositor per camera can be used to create a perfect composition on the custom background. The 1 M/E model even allows up to four virtual sets to be developed. It is also possible to make productions with fixed cameras by loading these backgrounds from the media panel or media players, as well as record macros to switch between units and use the correct image. With so much flexibility, you can even try out different studio layouts.

3G SDI connections for different HD formats

These mixers have 10 3G SDI inputs, compatible with all types of HD sources. It is possible to connect equipment in a variety of HD television formats, including 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Only this type of SDI connectivity provides the possibility to switch between formats in different definitions, thus offering absolute flexibility for all types of projects. The SDI inputs also allow processing of the embedded audio, and mixing of audio from all video signals. The main outputs allow signals to be transmitted to control the camera, activate the tally light and communicate with the operator. This means that it is possible to connect any of the SDI outputs to the camera, to get a return signal, control the unit and the intercom system.

Fairlight audio mixing

Thanks to the Fairlight tools, the ATEM Constellation allows for complex audio mixing. These mixers offer a total of 28 channels, more than any other mixer, for live productions. Audio is separated from the SDI inputs and transmitted to the audio mixer. All of these features are available via ATEM Software Control or through a compatible Mackie panel.

All features included at no extra cost

Unlike other mixers, all features are included in the retail price and are available and ready to use. There are no additional charges or monthly subscriptions. So there is no need to worry about a licence expiring just before starting a broadcast. The simultaneous display of images, the SuperSource function, digital visual effects and compositors are always activated and available to the user. In addition, ATEM Software Control can be run simultaneously on different computers. This is extremely important when dividing the work between different people involved in audio mixing, graphics preparation, camera control and mixer operation.


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Video Inputs
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1280x720 - HD
1920x1080 - HD
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