Altair MAP128 - 12x8 Matrix-Processor


12x8 matrix with audio processor. 3cMAP programming software. Ethernet, USB, GPIO and REM2 control. Multiple audio processed.


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The Matrix Audio Processors, MAP series, are dedicated to commercial audio installations and professional applications demanding audio automation on a small form factor enclosure.

Working in conjunction with 3cMAP software package, it's easy to program the unit in an intuitive console view manner, and then unplug the computer ensuring nothing would change. A whole combination of settings can be stored as presets to be recalled by any non specialist operator transforming a daily conference setup to a music hall in seconds.

Proprietary RS-485 remote controls can be daisy chained to different areas for personnel attending in preset setup, volume controls, source selection… Remote control access is restricted to a set of parameters previously defined by the installer.

Software control is managed by either USB front panel for a quick setup or by Ethernet connection that allows local or distant computer operation. Wireless access is carried out by using Wi-Fi link over the Ethernet LAN operating the unit. Abbreviated 3cMAP software apps are available to run on android devices for easy move-around control.

The unit offers a full set of audio components as high performance mic/line preamps, virtual input routing, mixers, EQs, filtering, dynamics, delays, crossovers, output matrices, priority ducking, frequency shifters, remote controls, presets, meters and more to satisfy the most demanding applications.

The MAP series does not compromise your processing by using the last generation analog to digital converters and leading edge high-speed digital signal processors running in parallel with the ALTAIR renowned input preamps and output balanced drivers developed from ALTAIR.

A real time clock and calendar integrated on the unit allow scheduled tasks for automated setup. Your system would change some defined operating parameters depending on the time of the day without user intervention.

When more inputs or outputs are needed, the system can be upgraded by cascading other unit using the Link connections. With a GPIO interface built-in, some tasks can be easily done as preset change, up-down volume control, mic muting, relay control and so on. Voice messages can be stored securely inside the unit allowing built-in emergency services or call messages.


  • Stadiums, sports and arenas.
  • Cruise & boat tours.
  • Multi-purpose facilities.
  • Auditoriums, theatres, lecture halls.
  • Paging systems, PA.
  • Schools & universities.
  • Courts of law, civic centres.
  • Broadcast, production studios.
  • Theme parks, transport stations.
  • Offices, malls and shopping centres.
  • Restaurants, night clubs.
  • Hotel meeting rooms.
  • Houses of worship.
  • Conference centres.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Sports, gaming spaces.


  • 12 Mic/Line/+48V INPUTS 8 or 16 OUTPUTS.
  • Control by USB, Ethernet, REM2 remotes and GPIO.
  • 3cMAP Soft for PC and wireless control on Android devices.
  • Link connection for increased number of in/outs.
    • Mixing: routing, matrix, auto-mixing, priority ducking.
    • Dynamic Processing: Compressor, limiter, expander, ducker.
    • AF-Frequency shifting effect for increased acoustic gain.
    • Equalisation: PEQ, HP&LP shelving, notch.
    • Crossovers: 2 to 8 ways multi type.
    • Delays 0 to 1000 ms INPUTS | 0 to 300 ms OUTPUTS.
    • Stored messages, meters, tone and pink noise generators.



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