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The Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast professional camera is a powerful field and studio production tool. The camera has a B4 mount for standard 2/3" broadcast lenses, making it suitable for use on a studio stand behind a box lens, or on a camera operator's shoulder for news gathering. The 4K UHD sensor makes it easy to record UHD or HD for productions that do not require the additional resolution. Video can be recorded on UHS-II SD or CFast 2.0 cards. The latter can record raw Cinema DNG files.

The camera reaches its full potential when used in combination with the URSA Mini shoulder kit and EVF, available separately. Compatibility with standard plates and the ability to shoulder-mount the camera when required are important aspects of this camera. When shoulder-mounted, the attached B4 lens grip and EVF form support points for comfortable and stable shooting.


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Broadcast camera compatible with B4 lenses that allows HD or UHD recording. It offers high-quality controls, ND filters, uninterrupted recording of ProRes and DNx files on SD UHS-II or CFast cards and more dynamic range options, to obtain images that can be broadcasted immediately. Ideal for all types of productions, and when used with the Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder, it can be used as a studio camera with remote control and integrated color adjustments.

The URSA Broadcast is the most accessible and flexible television camera on the market. Two cameras in one as it can be used in studios or outdoors. Ideal for traditional broadcasters, it allows them to use existing lenses and batteries, without resorting to cards or strange formats used in other conventional cameras. It offers the possibility of recording content on common SD cards, in the most common formats used in file management systems and most non-linear editing programs. It is also ideal for Internet broadcasts, as it facilitates the use of more economical photographic lenses. No other camera resembles it in terms of flexibility and price.




Alternately switch between live productions and outdoor shootings

The URSA Broadcast is like two cameras in one. Its compact design, familiar controls and television camera functions are ideal for electronic news gathering outdoors and are essential to work with agility when capturing last minute events. This version allows to obtain images of exceptional quality, precise skin tones and intense colors with a quality far superior to that of other much more expensive cameras. The fundamental factor is the new extended video mode, which allows you to obtain exceptional images, without the need to edit them later. This means that we can shoot, edit and transmit to the air very quickly. This camera represents a real professional solution for web producers and the audiovisual industry, much better than that offered by digital SLR cameras.

Conventional formats: Agility in work dynamics without the need to transcode contents

First professional camera designed to support traditional file formats compatible with virtually all transmission systems and editing programs. Not only can it record on inexpensive SD, UHS-II and CFast cards, but it also offers the possibility of storing images with 1080i or 2160p resolution in .mov or .mxf formats by using DNx145, DNx220X or ProRes codecs. On the other hand, it has a mount for B4 lenses that also supports EF, F or PL versions, which facilitates the use of common photographic lenses. When creating camera networks, both the URSA Viewfinder and URSA Studio Viewfinder viewers and the SMPTE fiber optic signal converters offer familiar design and familiar controls, so that they are familiar to any experienced cameraman. This new model guarantees your future investment in terms of the camera, the objectives and their accessories, which means that money and time.

B4 mount: Compatible with high quality HD or UHD lenses

The B4 mount of the URSA Broadcast model includes a cinematiographic quality optical system, with spherical aberration correction, specifically designed for the integrated camera sensor. The de 2/3" mount offers the possibility to use lenses to capture images in both HD and UHD, even with resolutions of up to 2.5K or 3K. Since these are parafocal and have a wider depth of field, the sharpness is preserved as we move the image closer. In this way, they allow to speed up the work dynamics, since it is not necessary to change the objective or to modify the focus between the short, medium or general shots. This is ideal, for example, to follow the action at sports events. In addition, the electronic control of the B4 lens facilitates the adjustment of parameters such as focus, focal length and diaphragm aperture, either from the camera or remotely using an ATEM mixer, thanks to the SDI control protocol.


HD or UHD recording: 4K sensor for images with high dynamic range and greater depth of field

The URSA Broadcast model includes a new extended video mode with better dynamic range and color fidelity, as well as a 4K sensor designed to capture images in HD and UHD. This allows to obtain material with an extraordinary texture and exceptional details, precise skin tones, intense colors and high dynamic range, before the post-production stage. This means that we can shoot, edit and transmit to the air very quickly. On the other hand, this high resolution sensor offers a great advantage, even when working with HD content, since it facilitates processing at the subpixel level and provides the possibility of achieving greater edge attenuation for greater clarity. This camera guarantees your investment in the future, thanks to its versatility for all types of productions.

Uninterrupted recording: Compatible with SD and CFast cards

It includes two slots for CFast 2.0 cards and another two for SD cards, in order to provide flexibility when choosing storage media. Both types of units are common and inexpensive, and are available in most electronics stores. In addition, it is possible to record 10-bit images in ProRes format, DNxHD 145 or DNxHD 220X with metadata, which provides compatibility with virtually all editing programs. This means that it is very easy to integrate the camera into an existing transmission system. We can even generate 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW files without loss of details, which can be used in the creation of programs and in the post-production stage. In turn, the two slots for each type of support facilitate recording without interruptions. This makes it possible for the camera to automatically continue the registration in the second unit when the first one has no more capacity.





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Ficha informativa

Entradas Vídeo
Resoluções Suportadas
1920x1080 - HD
3840x2160 - UHD
Entradas Audio
Salidas Audio
No Balanceado
Data and Control
App IOS/Android
Pantalla táctil
Recording Media
Tarjeta CFast
Tarjeta SD
Codec / Ficheros
Blackmagic RAW
Montura de cámara
Bayoneta B4 2/3"
Sensor Size
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