Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini - Portable UHD Recorder


Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini is a portable, broadcast-quality recording/playback device that is also rack-mountable. It features a 6G-SDI input, allowing video capture up to 2160p30, and features one HDMI and two SDI outputs up to 6G. It records sequentially to two SD cards, allowing for virtually infinite continuous recording.

The HyperDeck Studio Mini is housed in a 1RU rackmount chassis, but with 1/3 rack width, so you can install 3 of these devices in a rack tray. It features LCD display and front panel button pad, with a jog/shuttle wheel for an analog scrolling feel. RS-422 control makes external control easy. The unit can be controlled via the USB port or over Ethernet via the RJ-45 connector, which is also used for FTP downloading of files.


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Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini is a portable UHD video recorder, which allows to record ProRes files to conventional SD memory cards. It supports any SDI signal up to 6G, with a maximum resolution of 2160p30 and has two SD card slots, which offer the possibility of uninterrupted recording. Includes a front LCD panel and friendly controls, all in a compact design, which facilitates your desktop or rack installation. It is noteworthy that this version of HyperDeck offers support for 4:4:4:4 720p and 1080p formats and independent outputs for key and fill, so it can be used as a graphics source when connected to a vision mixer.


  • SDI video input: 1
  • SDI video output: 2
  • SDI transmission speed: 270 MB/s, 1.5 GB/s, 3 GB/s, 6 GB/s
  • HDMI video output: 1x HDMI with type A connector.
  • Power over Ethernet: 1x Ethernet
  • Analog video input: No
  • Analog video output: No
  • Analog audio input: No, integrated audio only
  • Analog audio output: No, integrated audio only
  • Time code connections: Not available
  • SDI audio input: 16 integrated channels for SD/HD signals in QuickTime format. 2 channels in DNxHD MXF format.
  • SDI audio output: 16 integrated channels for SD/HD signals in QuickTime format. 2 channels in DNxHD MXF format.
  • HDMI audio input: Not available.
  • HDMI audio output: 8 integrated channels for SD/HD/UHD signals in QuickTime format. 2 channels integrated in DNxHD/HR MXF format.
  • Sync signals (input): Tri-Sync or Black Burst.
  • Sync signals (output): Tri-Sync or Black Burst.
  • Computer interface: 1x USB 2.0 type C to update the internal operating system and control the device through the HyperDeck Utility program


Scheda tecnica

Ingressi Video
Risoluzioni supportati
625i / 525i - SD
1280x720 - HD
1920x1080 - HD
3840x2160 - UHD
Entradas Audio
Salidas Audio
Datos y Control
Soporte Grabación
Tarjeta SD
Codec / Ficheros
Entrada referencia
Rack Units
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