Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel


Professional control panel with a compact design that includes 3 precision dials, 12 rotary knobs for essential functions and two 5-inch liquid crystal displays, as well as 8 knobs and 8 customizable buttons. It also has special keys for switching between different tools, adding nodes, making captures and carrying out all kinds of tasks


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The new Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel has a compact design that includes 3 high precision beads, 12 essential function knobs and 2 5 inch LCD screens as well as 8 customizable knobs and 8 buttons. It has buttons to switch between tools, add nodes, perform captures and carry out all kinds of tasks. Although DaVinci Resolve can be used without it, the use of a physical control panel allows the operator to work with greater agility, giving him greater creativity thanks to the time he saves with it. The controls are made of high quality materials and are organized in a logical way, allowing you to make adjustments with great accuracy. With the use of the control panel, you can adjust the lights, midtones and shadows at the same time, thus offering a level of creativity to the operator much higher than using the keyboard and mouse only. Therefore, the DaVinci Resolve Mini Control Panel is ideal for editors and colorists who need to frequently switch between editing and coloring tasks, or for independent professionals who need to move the panel easily from one place to another, for outdoor shooting , Events and all kinds of projects.

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel requires version 12.5.5 for proper operation.


  • Creative controls for primary corrections
  • Controls Y Lift, Y Gamma and Y Gain
  • Control of Contrast, Pivot and Detail of average tones
  • Control of improvement of the color, Shades and Lights
  • Control Saturation, Hue and Luminance Mix
  • Professional spheres with high level of precision
  • High resolution screens
  • Illuminated keys
  • 8 customizable knobs
  • Direct buttons for use of different tools
  • Organization of catches
  • Playback controls


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