Swit PC-P430S Caricabatterie simultaneo veloce a 4 V-mount


Caricabatterie rapido e simultaneo di 4 batterie a V-mount. Indicatori di livello di carica a LED e di 2 uscite DC XLR a 4 pin. Carica a 16.8V/3A per canale


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Charger for charging 4 V-mount batteries simultaneously. The charge output is DC 16.8V, 3A per output channel, it has LED charge indicators on the front panel that show the percentage of capacity in real time of each battery during the charge by different colors:

  • Red: Battery is charging, capacity under 80%.
  • Yellow: Battery charging, capacity above 80%.
  • Green: Charging finished.

It has 2 female 4-pin XLR connectors on the front panel. If the XLR female to male cable is connected (optional purchase) it can be used as a 2-channel DC 15V, 6A AC-DC adapter with simultaneous 90W output. The output AC-DC adapter will not work when the batteries are charging.

This lithium-ion battery charger performs two charging periods; the first period is constant current, the battery is charged at maximum rate. When the battery reaches a specified voltage setting, the charging circuits switch to the second phase, the constant voltage period; the charging circuit will provide only enough current to maintain the voltage, to prevent the battery from overcharging. 

The SWIT charger can identify different types of chemical batteries, provide the correct charging program to protect the batteries from over-current, over-charging, high temperature, etc.

Swit PC-P430S 4 V-mount simultaneous charger Features

  • V-mount battery charger
  • 4-ch simultaneous charging
  • 3A per channel quick charging
  • 2x 4-pin XLR DC output
  • LED charging indicators for each channel


  • Power Max - 276W
  • Input - AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output - DC 16.8V,3A×4
  • Applicable battery - V-mount battery
  • Simultaneous charging - 4
  • Dimension - 285×144×173mm
  • Weight - 3.27kg


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16.8 V
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