Blackmagic Teranex Mini Analog to SDI 12G Converter


The Teranex Mini Analog to SDI 12G Converter from Blackmagic Design, supports Composite, Component, RGB or S-Video inputs and converts them to SDI up to 12G and offers XLR connections for AES/EBU or analog audio and an Ethernet control port with PoE+. It converts an analog video signal up to Full 4K DCI 4096x2160p and routes it through up to two independent 12G-SDI outputs in SD, HD, 6G or 12G-SDI formats. Transports 4096x2160p signals at approximately 20 meters with 6G-SDI cables and 3G-SDI or HD-SDI signals at standard lengths. Allows separate audio connection via full-size XLR inputs, which are switchable between balanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio.

It can be installed in a 1RU tray of which it occupies 1/3, so it can be mounted together with other Blackmagic equipment such as mixers or scalers. There is also an optional front panel that gives access to the configuration.


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The Blackmagic Teranex Mini Analog to SDI 12G is a converter that allows to obtain 12G-SDI signals from analog signals.

It offers the ability to convert all types of formats and is ideal for processing content from devices such as Betacam SP and other analog equipment such as video recorders, decoders, gaming consoles and HDV cameras to obtain SDI images in SD, HD or UHD definition with outstanding quality.



  • Analog Video Input: Component SD/HD, NTSC, PAL and S‑Video.
  • SDI Video Output: User selectable to SD, HD and 12G-SDI.
  • Analog Audio Input: 2 channels professional balanced analog audio via XLR connectors. Right XLR can be configured for timecode input.
  • AES/EBU Audio Input: 4 channels professional 110Ω balanced digital audio via XLR connectors. Right XLR can be configured for timecode input.
  • Multi Rate Support: SDI output switchable between HD for composite and S-Video and Ultra HD for component HD.
  • Updates and Configuration: USB or Ethernet.
  • Re-Clocking: Yes



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Entrées Vidéo
Résolutions supportées
625i / 525i - SD
1280x720 - HD
1920x1080 - HD
3840x2160 - UHD
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