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The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is a miniature digital camera with Super16 sensor to be operated remotely and capture images from anywhere. The sensor supports 1080p60 video and 13 stops of dynamic range. It features an active MFT mount and records to SDHC/SDXC cards using CinemaDNG Raw or Apple ProRes.

The Micro Cinema is similar to most action cameras, making it suitable for mounting on helmets for POV action sequences, hanging from drones for aerial shots, or anywhere a larger camera won't fit. The camera can be operated remotely and watch a live video feed thanks to its expansion port. An included connection cable supports four analog PWM radio-control inputs, for mapping camera functions to the knobs and joysticks of model airplane controllers. The multi-connector cable provides LANC control, power, genlock and video output.


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World’s smallest digital film camera with Super 16mm sensor and 13 stops of dynamic range that is designed to be operated remotely. Features a revolutionary expansion port with PWM and S.Bus inputs so you can use a model airplane remote control to operate the camera wirelessly. Includes a built in SD card recorder for capturing up to 1080HD in CinemaDNG RAW or ProRes, MFT lens mount and operates up to 60 fps with global shutter up to 30 fps.

When you’re mounting the camera on quadcopters, using it as a crash cam or placing it in dangerous locations, you can operate the camera remotely, view a live feed and monitor status, all from a safe distance. The expansion port can be connected to radio control airplane receivers and various camera functions can be mapped to radio channels so you can remotely start and stop recording, adjust focus, change the iris and more. The expansion port also has a composite video output that can be connected to low cost wireless video transmitters for remote monitoring of the camera’s recording status, battery life and audio levels.

The revolutionary expansion port lets you create custom remote control, external power and monitoring solutions. The included breakout cable gives you access to many of the camera’s unique functions, but you can also create your own custom cables that open the camera up to do even more. In addition to things like LANC, power, video out, and genlock, you also get 4 analog PWM radio remote control inputs so you can map camera functions to the dials, knobs, buttons and joysticks on model airplane remotes. For even more control with greater precision, you can use the 18 channel S.Bus control input with Futaba radio control equipment or custom embedded controllers.

The Super 16 sensor is full 1080 HD resolution and has an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range and global shutter up to 30 frames per second. Most DSLR and action cameras use a rolling shutter that exposes different parts of the image in fractions of a second, causing video to appear skewed or wobbly when the camera moves or vibrates. The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera’s global shutter acts more like a still camera, exposing the entire image at the same time so you get distortion and ripple free video! With an ISO up to 1600, the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera also gives you great quality, even in locations with low lighting.


  • Sensor Size: 12.48mm x 7.02mm (Super 16)
  • Shooting Resolutions: 1920x1080
  • Frame Rates - Global Shutter: 1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • Frame Rates - Rolling Shutter: 1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • Dynamic Range: 13 stops
  • Focus: Remote focus control via expansion connector when using compatible lenses.
  • Iris Control: Iris control via Rewind and Forward buttons, plus remote control via expansion connector when using compatible lenses.
  • Lens Mount: Active MFT mount
  • Controls: 6 control buttons including Record, Play, Rewind, Forward, Menu, and Power. 4 channel PWM plus 1x S.Bus remote via expansion connector
  • Microphone: Integrated stereo microphone, active when camera is recording
  • Mounting Options: 1x 1/4" (top), 3 x 1/4" (bottom)


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