Swit S-8113A Batterie Gold-Mount 160Wh


Batterie Li-Ion rechargeable de 160Wh avec monture Gold. 14,4V 160Wh/11,1Ah. 4 LEDs indiquant le niveau de charge. Sortie D-Tap


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High-power rechargeable Li-Ion battery with Gold-Mount anchor for professional video cameras requiring high power, lighting and other equipment. It reaches a capacity of 160Wh/11.1Ah. Allows to power the 30W ENG cameras for approximately 5 hours.

The DC output D-Tap jack is located at the top of the S-8113A battery and provides a DC 14.4V (Nominal) output for connecting equipment such as camera lights, monitors, wireless transmitters, etc. The maximum power of the D-Tap is 120W, 10A.

On the side of the battery, there are 4 charge level indicator LEDs to check the remaining battery capacity. Allows a quick view of capacity before use.

Features of the SWIT S-8113A battery

  • High quality lithium battery cells.
  • Large capacity 160Wh/11.1Ah.
  • Gold-mount mounting connection.
  • DC output D-tap connection.
  • Status indicator, 4-level LED.
  • Robust and durable housing.
  • Multiple security protections.
  • Battery optimized for extended battery life.


  • Rated voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 160Wh/11.1Ah
  • Maximum output power: 150W
  • Maximum output current: 12A
  • Type of anchorage: Gold-mount
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Net weight Approx.: 0.9Kg
  • Dimensions: 165×90×51mm



Fiche technique

Type de fixation
De 150 à 200Wh
Voltage de sortie
14.4 V
14.4 V
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