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Canon KJ20x8.2B IRSD - 2/3" 20x ENG Lens with Extender


The Canon ENG/EFP lens model KJ20x8.2B IRSD, with 2x zoom extender, features a B4 mount for use with 2/3" format HD camcorders and offers a focal length range of 8.2-164mm. With the built-in 2x extender, you can increase its focal length to 16.4-328mm.

Manufactured with high-quality design tools including optical simulation technologies and 3D design, the Canon HD lens ensures minimal axial and lateral chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion. The lens features optical materials and multi-coated optical coatings that minimise optical artefacts generated by intense light sources. The macro focusing capability effectively reduces the minimum object distance to just 10mm from the front of the lens. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the drive unit offers a comfortable grip and improved balance, which further enhances the handling of the lens.


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Low-cost 2/3" HD lens for a wide range of applications, from ENG Broadcast to independent professionals.

With 8.2mm, it is Canon's most angular lens in the 20x zoom range and covers a wide range of focal lengths, especially when combined with the integrated 2x Extender, which extends its focal length from 8.2mm-164mm to 16.4mm-328mm. MOD is 0.9M and the lens is equipped with a macro that allows you to place objects as close as 10mm from the front lens of the objective.

The servo motor is built to suppress noise. In the drive unit, the "Memo" switch sets the specific zoom positions for the Shuttle Shot function. The "Memo" switch allows more reliable configuration of the Shuttle Shot in the field, where more consistent operation of the controls is required.

The excellent optical performance of this ENG lens is the result of the world's leading design tools, including state-of-the-art 3D design and optical simulation technologies, new materials and coatings, and outstanding low dispersion glass. Together, these technologies and materials have produced a combination of exceptional performance in the KJ20x8.2B IRSD. The lens has minimized axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, chroma aberrations and geometric distortion. The new optical materials and multilayer optical coatings used in the lens effectively reduce the ghost glare, glare and veil that can be generated by very powerful light sources: the sun during the day and car lights at night, for example.

The KJ20x8.2B also has a high MTF (modulation transfer function) in the image.

Features of B4 Canon KJ20x8.2B IRSD Lens

  • B4 lens mount for use with 2/3 format camcorders
  • Provides a focal length of 8.2-164mm
  • The built-in 2x extender increases the focal length from 8.2-164 mm to 16.4-328 mm.
  • Maximum zoom speed 1.0 sec. from wide-angle end to telephoto end
  • Manufactured with high quality design tools, including optical simulation and 3D design technologies, new materials and coatings, and low dispersion glass.
  • Minimizes longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations, monochromatic aberrations such as astigmatism and geometric distortion.
  • Optical materials and multilayer optical coatings reduce optical artifacts generated by strong light sources.
  • MTF high at the center of the image and controlled at the ends of the image
  • The macro focusing capability effectively reduces the minimum object distance to only 10mm (from the front of the lens).
  • Suitable in the fields of journalism and production

Data sheet

Montura de cámara
Bayoneta B4 2/3"


Canon KJ20x8.2B IRSD Specs


Image Composition


Mount Type




Object Image Format




Aspect Ratio




Object Image size (H x V)


9.59 x 5.39 mm


Zoom Ratio


20 X


Focal Length Range


8.2 - 164 mm


Focal Length Range with Extender


16.4 - 328 mm


Angular Field of View


60.7 × 36.5° at 8.2 mm
3.4 × 1.9° at 164 mm


Angular Field of View with Extender


32.6 × 18.7° at 16.4 mm
1.7 × 0.9° at 328 mm

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