Canon KJ10ex4.5B IRSE - 2/3" Broadcast Angular Lens


The Canon KJ10EX4.5B IRSE 2/3" 10x ENG Zoom lens is a 2/3" handheld HDTV lens. This lens offers a wide range of focal lengths, combined with an exceptionally wide field of view. The KJ10EX4.5B offers focal lengths up to 90mm and a wide angle of almost 62° horizontally.

The KJ10EX4.5B uses new technologies to produce a wide-angle HDTV lens. It is a design that responds directly to the creative desires of broadcasters and HD content producers. This lens is a compromise between the demands of portable HDTV camera mobility and the requirements of HDTV production. The KJ10EX4.5B has a high MTF across the entire image plane, minimises chromatic aberrations and maximises contrast. Relative light distribution is optimised for the largest aperture settings and this uniformity of brightness is combined with high contrast and excellent image sharpness.


Montura de Cámara



4.5 wide-angle lens with x10 zoom and duplicator. Focal length 4.5 to 45mm without duplicator and 9 to 90mm with duplicator. The Canon KJ10ex4.5B incorporates Canon's original Enhanced Digital Drive, a drive unit equipped with information display and digital function selector, so that the user can customize digital functions much more easily and accurately. The new design allows the user to take full advantage of digital features. 


Canon KJ10ex4.5B features

  • Shuttle Shot: Memorizes any two focal lengths, the digital motor can automatically "move" between the two points, in any direction. 
  • Framing preset: A viewing angle can be preset in either memory and the lens will zoom to that position at the push of a button. During a performance, the framing preset will reproduce the zoom position that was decided in the rehearsal. It's easy to repeat the same zoom as many times as you want at maximum speed or at a preset zoom speed. 
  • Speed preset: A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory and the zoom speed can be repeated as many times as desired by pressing a button.


The KJ10ex4.5B features an enhanced digital control unit. Conventional potentiometers are analog position sensors, capable of providing a resolution equivalent to 8-10 bits. With this technology, portable virtual studio systems required an encoder to be placed on the zoom and focus ring of the lens. With the introduction of 16-bit resolution rotary encoders built into the new control unit, the lens can be easily integrated into a virtual digital studio system without the need for add-ons.


The encoders also allow for much more precise control. The zoom servo provides a dynamic range from 0.5sec. to over 5min. of super slow zoom. Repeatability in focusing and iris control are also much more precise. Canon's technology has made the coding device surprisingly small, to be installed in the existing drive unit with no changes in size or weight.




Sensor Compatibility


2/3 de pulgada








Zoom Ratio


4.5 - 45mm


9 - 90mm


Maximum Relative Aperture


1:1.8 a 4.5 – 34.5mm   
1:2.35 a 45mm


1:3.6 a 9 – 68.9mm   
1:4.7 a 90mm


Angular Field of View


93.7° x 61.9°
12.2° x 6.9°


56.1° x 33.4°
6.1° x 3.4°


Minimum object Distance (M.O.D.)   


0.3m (10mm con Macro)   


0.3m (10mm con Macro)   


Object Demensions at M.O.D.


74.1 x 41.7cm at 4.5mm 
6.4 x 3.6cm at 45mm


37.0 x 20.8cm at 9mm
3.2 x 1.8cm at 90mm


Approx. Size


W x H x L = 168.2 x 110.6 x 237.7 mm


Approx. Mass



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