Swit PB-R160S+ - 160Wh V-mount digital battery

Swit PB-R160S+ - 160Wh V-mount digital battery

SWIT's PB-R160+ is a high-powered digital Li-Ion battery pack. It features V-Mount anchorage. 14.4V, 160Wh. 150W/12A. D-Tap output with 10A maximum output current. 8 LED charge indicators and IP54 protection for water and dust. Supports fast charging, waterproof and resistant to drops up to 1.5 meters thanks to its renewed double casing structure. Estimated power supply of 6 hours for 30W ENG cameras and 2 hours for ARRI Alexa cameras.

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Swit - Avacab official Swit dealer for Spain - All Swit products at Avacab


High power rechargeable Li-Ion battery, with V-Mount anchor, for professional ENG film and video cameras requiring high power, lighting and other equipment. It is made with a strong double-shell structure, anti-fall and IP54 protection for water and dust. It consists of 18 18650 type battery cells, reaching a capacity of 160Wh/11.1Ah. It can power 30W ENG cameras for approximately 6 hours and an ARRI Alexa camera for approximately 2 hours. The SWIT PB-R160S battery supports high loads, fast charging and digital power information display, which is an ideal power solution for field applications. 

It has an innovative dual structure housing: internal protection housing and external anti-shock housing with rubber cover. The new structure makes the battery very consistent, anti-shock, protects the battery from drops and features water protection (IP54) against rain, snow and other inclement weather.

The SWIT PB-R160S+ battery has a maximum constant output of 160W/11.1A, which makes it suitable for supplying enough power for cinema cameras. Normal Li-ion batteries offer 100W/8A outputs and are suitable for most ENG cameras, but Cinema batteries, such as ALEXA, require around 85W of high current which is too much load for normal Li-ion batteries: they will quickly reduce their lifetime. On the other hand, if there is a monitor or lighting connected simultaneously, the total power will be over 100W, normal batteries cannot deliver that power. Using PB-R160S+ high power battery, you can get MAX 160W/11.1A constant current output, for high power cameras, lighting and other equipment, it will not reduce the battery life during use.

It supports 6A fast charging via SWIT S-3812S charger to save more than 50% charging time. The 160Wh PB-R160S+ battery can be charged to 80% in 1.5 hours and reach a full charge in 2.5 hours. 

It has innovative 8 LED power indicators. When disconnected or charging, the LEDs will indicate the percentage of current capacity and when the battery is discharging, the LEDs will show the remaining operating time according to the current consumption, in 15-minute intervals. The battery provides an intelligent digital information chip that is compatible with SONY and RED camera information systems and can display the remaining minutes on the camera's viewfinder.

In addition, it has a D-tap DC output connector on the top of the battery to power other equipment simultaneously. The maximum output current of D-tap is 10A.

The battery has multiple safety protections. It has an MCU to measure and record data in real time, and will cut off power when it detects over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high or low temperature. In addition, the battery housing is made of ABS material, with optimized and anti-slip design for safe handling. 


Features of SWIT PB-R160S+ battery

  • IP54 protection for water and dust
  • Strong double-shell structure :1.5m anti-drop protection
  • 14.4V, 160Wh capacity
  • Maximum charge 200W / 12A
  • Support 6A fast charging
  • 8 LED charging indicators
  • SONY/RED display status information
  • D-tap output connector
  • V-mount connection
  • Multiple safety protections


Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage - 14.4V
  • Capacity - 160Wh/11.1Ah
  • Constant charge - 200W / 16A
  • Max charging current - 6A fast charging
  • IP class - IP54
  • Mounting - V-mount
  • Operating temperature - 0-40°C
  • Net weight - Approx 1.08kg
  • Dimensions - 162×101×53mm



Data sheet

Mounting type
From 150 to 200Wh
Output voltage
14.4 V
14.4 V

Nominal Voltage14.4V
Max output power150W
Max output current12A (D-tap 10A)
Max current charging Fast charge 6A 
Type mountV-mount
Operating temperature0-40°C
Net weightAprox. 1.08kg
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