Swit PB-H290S Dual voltage battery V-Mount 290Wh


High power Li-Ion battery with V-Mount attachment and 290Wh. Dual voltage for Alexa LF/65. D-Tap output. 8 LED load indicators


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ARRI Alexa LF/65 requires batteries that provide an input voltage of 19.5-34V, so normal 14.4V (11-16.8V) batteries are not compatible. High voltage 26-28.8V batteries can power the Alexa LF/65, but that voltage would damage all other normal cameras that need 14.4V. This intelligent two-voltage model, which can supply a normal voltage of 11-16.8V and a high voltage of 22-33.6V with self-recognition and automatic voltage selection for V-mount plate, is a great solution and avoids the consequences of misuse. Compatible with Alexa LF/65 and all other cameras and devices.

By default it provides 11-16.8V so that V-mount cameras and normal voltage devices can be fed. Using ARRI ALEXA's KA-A20S board, you can recognize and auto-select the 22-33.6V output voltage, to power the Alexa LF/65/SXT/AMIRA. A "magic sticker" can easily be placed on the proper position of any standard V-mount plate and the battery will automatically recognize and adjust to the 22-33.6V output voltage.

It is composed of 24 high-end batteries type 18650 and reaches 290Wh high capacity. It provides up to a maximum constant output current of 200W, and can power the ALEXA LF (160W) and also one camera monitor or wireless transmitter at a time. This high-charge battery can have a longer life than normal batteries if always operated at full power.

In addition, it supports fast charging at 6A with the SWIT S-3812S fast charger, which saves more than 50% of charging time. It can charge from 0 to 80% after two and a half hours and the full charge takes 4 hours and 15 minutes. A D-tap connector can be found at the top of the battery to feed camera accessories at the same time. When the battery is being used you can press the "Power Check" button so that the top 4 LEDs show the hours and the bottom 4 LEDs show the remaining minutes of operation. The LEDs will flash when there is less than 15 minutes of operation remaining, remembering to charge the battery.

It has an innovative dual-structure housing: internal protective housing and external anti-shock housing with rubber covers. The new structure provides robustness to the battery against possible blows up to 1.5 meters drop height.

SWIT PB-H290S Battery Features

  • 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage auto switch
  • For ALEXA LF/65 high voltage cameras
  • For all normal voltage cameras
  • For high voltage cine lights
  • Compatible with normal voltage chargers
  • 290Wh capacity, Max 200W high load
  • 6A fast charging support
  • 8-LED remaining time indicators
  • D-tap power output socket
  • Normal V-mount connection
  • 1.5m drop-off proof, IP54 water proof
  • Multiple circuit protections

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Voltage - 14.4V or 28.8V auto switching
  • Capacity 290Wh Max output power (14.4V)
    • Total: 200W / 16A
    • Pins: 200W / 16A
    • D-tap: 120W / 10A
  • Max output power (28.8V)
    • Total: 200W / 8A
    • Pins: 200W / 8A
    • D-tap (16V): 50W / 3A

  • Max charging current - 6A fast charging
  • Mount Type - V-mount
  • Operation Temperature - -20°C ~ 40°C*
  • Net weight - 1578g
  • Dimensions - 162×101×69mm


Data sheet

Mounting type
More than 200Wh
Output voltage
14.4 V
28.8 V
14.4 V
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