AKG DMSTetrad Performer Set Digital 4 channel wireless system


Professional digital four-channel wireless system. 2.4GHz band to operate free of licenses. RF power of 100mV.


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Professional 2.4GHz digital wireless system for license-free operation with 100mV RF power. The set includes the DSRTetrad wireless digital receiver and two DPTTetrad Digital Pocket Transmitter. The receiver offers four channels in a rugged 19" housing. Its one-click synchronization feature makes the system work in seconds. Standard 128bit AES encryption prevents audio signal from touching, making it the Perfect companion for high security in conferences.

The whole DMSTetrad system has the stationary digital receiver DSRTetrad, the digital pocket DPTTetrad DHTTetrad handheld digital transmitter and transmitter, available with AKG's patented acoustic D5 or DHTTetrad P5 with standard dynamic capsule. Three sets are available, the DMSTetrad Vocal Set either including the DHTTetrad D5 or P5 capsule and the DMSTetrad Performer Set including the DPTTetrad along with a C111 L microphone and the instrument cable MKG L.

The DMSTetrad starts up quickly and is ready to use. The DSRTetrad receiver can operate with up to four parallel audio channels that can be mixed directly to its balanced XLR sum output. The dynamics (DFS) ensures that only the cleanest frequency bands are selected automatically for the connection between receivers and transmitters. To handle the rare desertions, AKG developed a technology called DROCON that is implemented in the system that is able to hide the interruptions that occur and thus prevent clicks that can be caused.

The system is suitable for use in live events, music clubs, conferences, presentations, seminars and installations.




  • License free wireless system.
  • Uncompressed audio transmission.
  • Integrated four channel mixer.
  • Antenna front mount kit included.
  • Superior RF performance.
  • AES 128bit encryption.

Data sheet

Salidas Audio
Mini XLR


System Specification

Frequency range: Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) in 2,4 GHz ISM band (2,404 - 2,420 GHz; 2,430 - 2,446 GHz; 2,454 - 2,470 GHz)
Diversity System:Digital controlled antenna diversity
RF Output: Max. 100 mW (all devices), 10 mW for EU
Modulation: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing – OFDM
Encryption: 128 Bit AES
Audio transmission: Uncompressed, digital 48 kHz 24 bit
Audio bandwidth: 20 – 20 000 Hz (± 3 dB)
T.H.D.: ≤ 0.05 %
Bandwidth: 16 MHz (3x16 MHz)
Overall dynamic range: Typ. 120 dB
Dimensions: Standard rack size
Max. Channels: 4
Interference protection: Switchable
RF stability: Other 2,4 GHz devices (e.g. WLAN, Bluetooth) will induce RF interference

Receiver Specification

Diversity System: Digital controlled antenna diversity
RF Output: Max. 100 mW, 10 mW for EU
Gain Potis: 0 – 1,4 Vrms
Audio outputs: 4 x XLR channel balanced, 1x XLR sum balanced
Power supply: SMPS 12 V DC, 0,5 A, EU/US/UK adapters
Dimensions: Standalone: 315 mm × 42 mm × 147 mm; Rack: 482 mm × 42 mm × 147 mm
Net / Shipping Weight: 1180 g
Standard Accessories: Power supply, rack and antenna front mount kit
Power supply: 12 V DC, 0,5 A

Pocket Transmitter Specification

RF Output: Max. 100 mW, 10 mW for EU
Gain control: 0 (2,2 Vrms) – 30 dB (70 mVrms) max input-level: < 3 Vrms (gain = min)
Overall dynamic range: Typ. 120 dB(A)
Powering: 2x AA Alkaline ~6h , 2x AA NiMH ~7h
Dimensions: 92 mm × 64 mm × 22 mm
Net / Shipping Weight: 70 g
Standard Accessories: 2x AA batteries, 1x instrument cable MKG L, 1x ear hook microphone C111 LP

C111 LP Microphone

Frequency response: 60 - 15000 Hz
Polar pattern: Omnidirectional
Sensitivity at 1 KHz: -64 +/- 3dB
Impedance: 1800 Ohms
Connector: 3 pin mini XLR

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